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12 August 2021

Collaboration with the University of Lausanne, Switzerland – Applying SCIROCCO Exchange tool

As part of the collaboration with SCIROCCO Exchange project, the University of Lausanne, conducted an online self-assessment survey across Switzerland in November 2019, using the SCIROCCO Exchange tool for integrated care. As French and German versions of the Tool did not exist at the time of the survey preparation, the University of Lausanne translated and culturally adapted the SCIROCCO Exchange tool. Eligible participants were purposefully selected on the basis of their potential knowledge and experience in the field of integrated care. This was done using the lists of stakeholders of both the integrated care unit of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, and of the Swiss Forum for Integrated Care; and also, representatives of the 26 cantonal public health departments were invited. An email invitation to participate in the electronic survey was sent to approximately 5’500 healthcare stakeholders spread across Switzerland. Approximately one out of six persons contacted answered the questionnaire which resulted in 642 assessments. The results of this nation-wide survey showed that overall, the “maturity” of the Swiss healthcare system for integrated care, as assessed by SCIROCCO Exchange tool was rated rather low. Whereas the “Funding” dimension had the lowest rating (1 = “Funding is available but mainly for the pilot projects and testing”), the “Digital services” dimension had the highest (3= “Digital services to support integrated care are piloted but there is no yet region wide coverage”). . In conclusion, despite the need for cautious interpretation of the results, they represent the first maturity-related information for further development in Switzerland; as such, they should promote further support to integrated care and help identify areas requiring attention for a successful evolution of the system towards more integrated care. Future research or use of the SCIROCCO Exchange tool should try a mixed approach assessing maturity both at a system and regional level. This approach would combine discussions and sharing of experiences at the level where integrated care is concretely developed and implemented, keeping in mind systemic constraints or facilitators. The full outcomes of the maturity assessment process are summarized in the published article which can be accessed here.

31 May 2022

Capacity-building for integrated care: SCIROCCO Exchange Final Conference

31 May 2022

The Knowledge Transfer Toolkit is out!

19 April 2022

SCIROCCO Exchange Conference 5th May 2022 - Capacity-building for integrated care: from the maturity assessment to improvement planning

1 March 2022

Exploring the synergies – SCIROCCO Exchange & ADLIFE projects

29 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange Mid-term Workshop - Expansion of SCIROCCO Exchange Tool for Integrated Care

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