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What is the Maturity of European Regions for Integrated Care?

SCIROCCO Exchange tool has been iteratively designed and tested to identify the maturity of the health and social care systems for the adoption and scaling up of integrated care services. It has been applied in real-life settings with multidisciplinary teams in the localities to capture their perceptions on the progress towards integrated care. This has proven important to understand where gaps may reside which can act as barriers to implementation and scaling up. The Tool is also an excellent resource to facilitate discussions and negotiations within the teams in order to reach consensus and agreements on the maturity of environment for integrated care.

The outcomes of the maturity assessment process are used to help to inform the regions and stakeholders involved about the readiness of their local environments for integrated care, including their strengths and weaknesses and areas of improvements. The outcomes will also serve as the basis for the upcoming knowledge transfer and improvement planning activities within the SCIROCCO Exchange project.

Planning for a Maturity Assessment Process

Outcomes of the individual assessments – Capturing the diversity of stakeholders’ perceptions

Stakeholder workshop – Bringing the diversity of perceptions together and reaching the consensus

For more information about the SCIROCCO methodology for the maturity assessment and to view some instructive videos please refer to our Resources section of the website.

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