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Maturity Assessment Process

The assessment of Maturity in the Polish example was made at national level. The population of Poland is 38 million citizens. National Health Fund (NFZ), Poland is a state institution that finances healthcare benefits from contributions paid by people insured in the NFZ. Governance of the healthcare system is divided between the Minister of Health (and supporting institutions) and three levels of territorial self-government. The challenges facing the Polish healthcare system share some similarities with other Scirocco Exchange partners.

Coordinated care is planned to be implemented in Poland based on solutions developed in the pilot project "Preparation, testing and implementation of coordinated care in the healthcare system, Stage II. Pilot phase – Primary Care PLUS model” co-financed from the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development under the European Commission Priority Axis 4 and 5. Continue reading . . . .

Knowledge Transfer

Informed by the outcomes of maturity assessment on strengths and weaknesses in integrated care in Poland, dimensions were identified as priorities for the knowledge transfer for improvement. Poland did not offer any dimension for coaching given the fact that the overall dimension score was relatively low for some primary care zones. Knowledge transfer and capacity-building activities were conducted in Poland around the collection of good practices on patient empowerment. The objective of this activity was to raise local and national awareness of the importance of the concept of citizen empowerment and the role of citizens in the design and provision of healthcare services. Continue reading . . . .

Improvement Planning

Regional partners at the NFZ, or the National Health Fund of Poland, focused on citizen
empowerment, with “Increased knowledge and skills in providing self-management for
patients” as the improvement goal. Continue reading . . . .

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