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1 March 2022

Exploring the synergies – SCIROCCO Exchange & ADLIFE projects

ADLIFE is a European project funded by Horizon 2020 and involves 11 partners from 7 European countries, collaborating in research to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly population suffering from advanced chronic diseases. The key areas of interest are digital health, innovation and integrated care. Specifically, the ADLIFE will provide digital solutions which will:

  • Integrate therapies and approaches which target early detection and assessment of deterioration.
  • Facilitate advanced and well-coordinated care planning and integrated supportive care to enhance quality of life, reduce suffering and accelerate recovery for patients and their families.
  • Provide a Personalised Care Plan Management Platform.
  • Provide Clinical Decision Support Services with Interoperable Solutions.
  • Build a Patient Empowerment Platform with Just-In Time Adaptive Intervention Delivery Engine.

As both SCIROCCO Exchange and ADLIFE projects are focusing on improvement in the delivery of integrated care services we were keen to ensure mutual learning about the project’ activities and explore potential synergies on the regular basis, particularly through the organisation of joint dissemination activities. Within this context a joint webinar “How important is digital maturity when implementing integrated healthcare system” was organised on 9 December 2021. In this webinar, the SCIROCCO Exchange presentation focused on the concept of digital maturity and ways in which to identify the maturity of healthcare systems through the established SCIROCCO Exchange Tool for Integrated Care. In the second presentation, the ADLIFE project presented an overview of this programme of work and role within the context of both digitised integrated care and digitally mature of systems.

The webinar was hosted as part of DigiFest21, Scotland’s annual Digital Health and Care event.

The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

31 May 2022

Capacity-building for integrated care: SCIROCCO Exchange Final Conference

31 May 2022

The Knowledge Transfer Toolkit is out!

19 April 2022

SCIROCCO Exchange Conference 5th May 2022 - Capacity-building for integrated care: from the maturity assessment to improvement planning

29 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange Mid-term Workshop - Expansion of SCIROCCO Exchange Tool for Integrated Care

13 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange featured at AAL 2021

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