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Maturity Assessment Process

The Flanders region of Belgium has a population of 6.55 million people. The Belgium healthcare system covers public and private sectors, with fees payable in both, funded by a combination of social security contributions and health insurance funds. Flanders adds a Flemish Social Protection layer (FSP) organised separately from, and parallel to, the health insurance system.

This assessment is part of the larger implementation in the 60 Primary Care Boards of Flanders. Therefore, 12 out of the 15 members of the Board of the Flanders Primary Care Institute VIVEL participated. Continue reading . . . .

Knowledge Transfer

Informed by the outcomes of maturity assessment on strengths and weaknesses in integrated care in Flanders, specific dimensions of SCIROCCO Exchange Maturity Model for Integrated Care were identified as priorities for the knowledge transfer. The following knowledge transfer and capacity-building activities were conducted in Flanders, Belgium: workshops on Goal Oriented Care and a workshop on Interpretation of Data by Primary Care Boards in Flanders. The objectives of these activities was to find synergies between the SCIROCCO Exchange (SE) Maturity Model for Integrated care and its tool and a Goal Oriented Care (GOC) approach, and to find insights in successful approaches and challenges in using data to inform local decision-making in the delivery of health and social care services. Continue reading . . . .

Improvement Planning

Regional partner (Flemish Institute of Primary Care) defined process coordination as an
improvement goal, with the overall health system goal defined as “Goal oriented care as a
practice with all healthcare and welfare organisation in Flanders. Resilient and learning
healthcare systems that are responsive to population health and welfare needs.” The logic
model workshop was introduced to regional partners over several calls, engaging diverse
stakeholders. Continue reading . . . .

EU Co-Funded
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