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11 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange join forces with ECHAlliance for the webinar: Integrated care and the impact of COVID-19 on delivering integration

SCIROCCO Exchange together with the European Connected Health Alliance‘s newly launched Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Integrated Care, hosted the second Ecosystem session on 7 October 2021. The session focused on the adaptation of health and social care systems as a response to COVID-19 and the provision of services in innovative ways, including lessons learned at this stage of journey. Speakers from Catalonia (Spain) and Slovakia discussed to what extent the COVID-19 pandemic made a lasting impact on efforts to deliver integrated health and care, including:

  • whether the response to COVID-19 resulted in improved collaboration between health and care services providers towards integrated care;
  • whether improved collaboration and accelerated integration supported the delivery of any new services;
  • any negative impacts of the COVID-19 response – resulting in poorer communication or less collaboration of priority for integrated health and care.

The webinar was also an opportunity to share expertise from other regions and countries of impact of COVID-19 on their progress towards integrated care in order to accelerate the learning and potential adoption of received knowledge at local and regional level.

The webinar can be accessed here.

13 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange to be featured at AAL 2021

26 August 2021

Scottish Approach to Service Redesign – Knowledge Exchange Workshop with the Basque Country and Institute of the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

26 August 2021

Collaboration with the JADECARE project – Assessment of the maturity requirements of good practices

12 August 2021

Exploring the synergies – SCIROCCO Exchange & VIGOUR projects

12 August 2021

Collaboration with the University of Lausanne, Switzerland – Applying SCIROCCO Exchange tool

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