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18 December 2020

Collaboration with the ACSELL project – Adaptation of SCIROCCO Maturity Model for Integrated Care

Collaboration with the ACSELL project – Adaptation of SCIROCCO Maturity Model for Integrated Care

ASCELL (Accelerating SMEs Innovation Capacities with a Living Lab Approach) is an INTERREG Europe funded project with the objective to sensitize the public sector, innovation intermediaries and SMEs towards expanding SME competencies by promoting open innovation ecosystems; and integrating the user early in the innovation process with living lab approach. The main driver of the project is mutual learning, exchange of good practices and knowledge transfer in order to improve local policies towards open and demand-driven innovation. The Consortium acknowledges that innovation approaches are very much localised and depend on the local context. Hence, in order to facilitate effective learning and knowledge transfer it is crucial to understand mutual strengths and weaknesses in implementing demand-driven innovation. It was acknowledged that ACSELL project can therefore benefit from very well established SCIROCCO tool and its use to assess local context for the adoption of integrated care. As a result, the adaptation of SCIROCCO tool and maturity assessment methodologies to reflect the objectives and ambitions of the ACSELL project was performed. An expanded Tool for Demand-Driven Innovation is available online and is being currently applied in real life settings of 7 ACSELL regions and countries.

26 May 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange will be featured at ICIC virtual 2021

24 May 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange joining forces with ECHAlliance for the webinar: COVID-19 – How to effectively communicate the need for change?

30 March 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange featured at EHMA 2020

2 March 2021

Implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the Basque Country - knowledge exchange webinar with OptiMedis

25 February 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange Consortium Knowledge Transfer in Puglia

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