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30 May 2019

APPCARE Final conference - Joining the forces to disseminate the outcomes of EU Health Programme projects, Brussels

The consortium of the Appropriate Care Pathway (APPCARE) project co-funded by the Health Programme organised its final conference at the Committee of the Regions, on 23rd May 2019 in Brussels. The event was held in collaboration with a number of European networks and EU funded projects such as:

  • Fighting Against Loneliness (FILO) Erasmus project
  • European Network of Social Authorities (ENSA)
  • European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network (ELISAN)
  • Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute (PRO.M.I.S)
  • Covenant on Demographic Change.

The objective of the conference was to present the project results and findings on the deployment of care pathways to reduce hospital admissions in 3 pilot regions: Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. In addition, selected EU funded projects focusing on integration of health and social care services were invited to share their experience and learning, including SEFAC project (, EFFICHRONIC ( and SCIROCCO Exchange. From the SCIROCCO Exchange perspective, the project co-ordinator Dr Andrea Pavlickova shared with the participants the experience in developing SCIROCCO self-assessment tool to assess the readiness of European regions and organisations to adopt and scale-up integrated care.

For more information about the conference please see the following link:

13 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange to be featured at AAL 2021

11 October 2021

SCIROCCO Exchange join forces with ECHAlliance for the webinar: Integrated care and the impact of COVID-19 on delivering integration

26 August 2021

Scottish Approach to Service Redesign – Knowledge Exchange Workshop with the Basque Country and Institute of the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

26 August 2021

Collaboration with the JADECARE project – Assessment of the maturity requirements of good practices

12 August 2021

Exploring the synergies – SCIROCCO Exchange & VIGOUR projects

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