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Maturity Assessment Process - Scotland

The organisation responsible for the self-assessment process is:

• The Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership

The region

The Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership region lies in the eastern part of Scotland's central belt. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, however, healthcare is an area of devolved responsibility in Scotland. The Scottish Government has responsibility for NHS Scotland. Scotland has a population of 5.4 million citizens and Midlothian, the area with the fastest growing population, has 91,00 inhabitants. Significant healthcare challenges in this region are similar to the rest of Scotland. They include: heart diseases, cancer, dementia and cerebrovascular disease.

In 2016 national legislation to support the Integration of Adult Health and Social Care was passed. In practice, this means that health and social care services in Midlothian are provided by an Integrated Joint Board. In 2018/19 Midlothian HSCP's integrated budget for health and care was £142m. The wider aims of the Integration legislation are to enable better coordinated, joined-up and more continuous care.

Maturity Assessment for Integrated Care

The maturity assessment process comprised two separate stages:
1. Individual self-assessment survey, completed by each stakeholder
2. An (in-person) consensus building meeting

Strengths identified through the Maturity Assessment process

Weaknesses identified through the Maturity Assessment process

The consensus-building workshop generated critical discussion and the Tool facilitated very good and useful conversations. The self-assessment outcomes reflect the maturity of Midlothian HSCP, showing progress towards integrated care in a number of dimensions. However, further improvement needs to be achieved in the dimensions of Structure and Governance, Digital Infrastructure and Removal of Inhibitors.

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